United Way Period Promise


  • Period Promise campaign makes profound impact

    After a remarkable four weeks, United Way’s Period Promise campaign, presented by Pacific Blue Cross, ended April 4. It resulted in h...
  • Period Promise gains major momentum

    To help vulnerable people live with the dignity we all deserve, small acts of local love can make a big difference. That’s what inspired 17-year-ol...
  • New Westminster makes history with pads and tampons, endorses Period Promise

    In an historic decision, the Board of Education for New Westminster Schools voted to supply free pads and tampons in school bathrooms. The decision...
  • Ushering in a period of change

    Periods are a fact of life. Monthly menstruation products are a necessity. Sadly, across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, too many people can’t afford them. These include young girls and single mothers, newcomers and refugees who face added levels of stigma and trans and gender non-conforming folks for whom this can be a compounding and overwhelming challenge.

  • Tampon Tuesday nets over 220,000 donated products

    A mountain range of menstrual products was on display at United Way’s head office March 20, 2018 the culmination of United Way’s 2nd annual Tampon Tuesday campaign.

    After tallying each tampon, disposable pad, reusable pad, menstrual cup and pair of menstrual underwear, the total amount of individual products donated surpasses 220,000, with many more still rolling in.