United Way Period Promise

Period Poverty Pilot Project Fund

On behalf of the BC Government and its Period Poverty Task Force, United Way British Columbia (BC) is excited to offer funding to short-term, impact-focused pilot projects testing out models for increasing access to free menstrual products in BC. The funded pilot projects will provide data and insights to the Task Force so that they can make informed recommendations to the government in March 2024. Interested parties from across the province, including community-based organizations and independent community-based researchers, are encouraged to submit proposals. Particular consideration will be offered to proposals developed by, for, and with Indigenous-led, people living with disabilities, and other equity-deserving communities. 

The total investment into research pilots will be no less than $220,000. Applications can range in budget from $10,000 to $25,000. 

Funded pilot projects will focus on:  

  • Testing methods of getting menstrual products (and other materials supporting people who menstruate) into the hands of people who need them 
  • Reducing stigma around menstruation in a manner that is culturally relevant 
  • Increasing awareness of how to make the best and healthiest use of menstrual products 
  • Building impactful solutions through an intersectional lens 

Funded projects will have a pre-determined timeframe to complete their work. Funding will be distributed in November 2022, and data-based reports outlining impact and findings will be due in August 2023. To help ensure their success, United Way BC will offer support to help with the launch and completion of each funded project. Some flexibility around completion dates can be requested if funded projects would benefit from longer timelines for inquiry.  

United Way BC has opened a Request for Proposals that will accept submissions from October 7 to November 7, 2022 (11:59PM). To review the Request for Proposals, click here. This document contains information around eligibility for the fund, anticipated support and mentorship from United Way BC, key features of a strong submission, and detailed information outlining how to submit applications.  

An example of a strong application that the review committee would consider funding can be found here

An information session with Q&A was help on October 17, 2022 over zoom. The session was recorded and can be viewed here https://youtu.be/CRm_ggRawqc.

To support the goals and objectives of this fund, United Way BC is partnering with Dr. Lisa Smith. Dr. Smith is the Coordinator of the Menstrual Cycle Research Group at Douglas College, where she offers guidance and mentorship to researchers exploring questions related to period poverty and menstrual equity.  

Questions are warmly welcomed. Please reach out to us at PeriodPovertyTaskForce@uwbc.ca