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Period Promise Campaign Toolkit

Thank you for joining United Way's Period Promise campaign

The campaign runs from May 6th - June 7th, 2022.

If you are subscribed to our newsletter you will receive regular updates during the campaign. If you have questions about the campaign, you can contact us at periodpromise@uwbc.ca.

Getting started

If you would like to personally donate menstrual products or give financial support to the Period Promise campaign, you can:

  1. Make a financial donation that we’ll use to buy a wide variety of menstrual products by clicking here.
  2. Use the toolkit below to run a local collection and connect with us at periodpromise@uwbc.ca to set up a safe drop-off opportunity at the United Way office in Burnaby.

Campaign materials to use during your event or collection drive

If you would like to organize a Period Promise event or campaign in your community, at your workplace, or within your union, we've created several campaign materials to help you:

Donate Here Posters

Campaign Posters


Join us on social media and online by using any of the below graphics:

Social Media Post

Social Media Post Quote

Social Media Post Statistic

Social Media Page Banners

Email/Newsletter Shareable

Shareable Campaign Videos

Other ways to get involved

  • Volunteer to help us get period products into the hands of those who need them.
  • Spread the word about our Period Positive policy shift and ask employers, unions, and governments to take action to support those who menstruate. This is the heart of our Period Promise – a year-round effort to make our communities more accessible to everyone. 
  • Join our Facebook group and use #PeriodPromise on social media.

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